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😴 Plugging In Your Bedding: Weird or Worth It?

The experts have thoughts.

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In today’s edition:

Read more about grounding sheets.

Why Are People Plugging Their Bedding Into the Wall?

The internet’s at it again with another trend that’s promising to solve your sleep troubles and more. But this time it’s not about what you’re doing in your bed but what you’re sleeping on.

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The Best Pillow Top Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Now, we wouldn’t normally recommend a pillow top mattress to stomach sleepers (they usually need a firmer structure for support at the hips and lower back). But if you like to doze in prone and you want the cushiony goodness of a pillow top mattress, this one’s for you.

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6 Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Consistent snoring is at the top of the list, yes, but there are numerous other symptoms — and a few different things can cause the disorder.

Last But Not Least