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😴 Forgetting Your Dreams? 1 Habit That’ll Fix That

Plus, best beds in a box and bad TikTok tips

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4 Memorial Day Deals You Can Shop Now

💤 Emma’s Cooling Elite mattress will keep you comfy all night long.

😴 Saatva’s Classic mattress delivers luxury at an affordable price.

🛏️ Puffy’s Cloud mattress balances support and pressure relief.

🥱 The TEMPUR-Cloud mattress is perfect for memory foam lovers.

Read more about the inaccurate health advice on TikTok.

Only 2% of TikTok’s Health Advice Is Accurate, Study Shows

You know you can’t believe everything on the internet. But this study paints an even bleaker picture about the spread of misinformation than previous surveys.

Women Would Rather Do This Than Sleep Next to Their Partner

When we asked in the May 9, 2024, newsletter how you feel about cuddling to fall asleep, 52% of you said it was the best thing ever. But after reading this new research, we can’t help but wonder whether only men voted in our poll — or maybe we should’ve been more specific about who makes the best cuddler?