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😴 'I Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Bedtime Routine for a Week'

Plus, melatonin, kids' ER visits, and new guidelines

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  • Women facing record rates of sleep loss

  • TikTok’s new alphabet sleep hack

  • Jennifer Aniston’s bedtime routine

  • The science behind weighted blankets

Read more about a recent poll finding that women report high levels of stress and little sleep.
Read more about melatonin-related children's ER visits.
Read more about TikTok's alphabet sleep hack.

Read more about Sleepopolis editors giving up social media before bedtime.
Read more about trying Jennifer Aniston's bedtime routine.

I Followed Jennifer Aniston’s Age-Defying Bedtime Routine for a Week

How much of this routine will one Sleepopolis editor keep practicing? Most of it.

Read more about deep pressure therapy and weighted blankets.

The Science Behind Why Curling Up with a Weighted Blanket Feels SO Good

You can reap the benefits with a weighted stuffed animal too — this adorable koala happens to be one of our favorites.

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