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😴 Surprising Sleep Benefits of Going Barefoot

Goodbye, shoes.

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Oops! 🤦‍♀️ Last week we asked how the time change was treating you. Obviously someone was running on fumes. We got the poll right today, though! Scroll to vote.

Read more about a new SIDS study.

New Study Points to Reason for Most SIDS Deaths

As researchers continue to try to learn more about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), they’ve uncovered new data, and at least 76% of the 7,595 cases they recently studied involved a specific commonality.

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Read more about Saatva's latex pillow.

Our Product Tester Was a Big Fan of This Pillow-Within-a-Pillow Design

“This pillow delivers on what I always want from ultra-fluffy hotel pillows, because I love that downy, cushy feeling but often find my head and neck sinking right through, throwing off my spinal alignment.”

Amelia Jerden, Senior Staff Writer

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Why Mindfulness Is So Important

Dr. Shelby Harris sits down with Dr. Jason Ong on our latest podcast episode to talk about the power of mindfulness for better sleep.

Read more about grounding and how it can affect your sleep.

What Is Grounding — and Can It Improve Your Sleep Quality?

While it may sound a little alternative, grounding (also known as “earthing”) is an evidence-based practice that does come with some health benefits.