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😴 Millennials: Screens, Stress + Sleep Deprivation

How to find balance

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Hey, newsletter readers, we’re changing things up a bit this week and taking an in-depth look at generational sleep differences. (Stick with us: It’s more important than you think.)

We recently surveyed 1,400+ adults, and the findings were eye-opening. Millennials, in particular, are uniquely positioned, straddling the pre-and-post development of social media. Norms have shifted, and their challenges and experiences can all tie back to our favorite topic: sleep.

Even if you weren’t born between 1981 and 1996, we hope you find these pieces as valuable as we do — because screens and sleep are both here to stay. So how can we thrive with both? Let’s explain.

The Most Sleep-Deprived Generation

We found that millennials face unique challenges when it comes to sleep.

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