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😴 Millionaires' Sleep Secrets: Experts Weigh In

And the real reason women sleep less than man

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What’s new this week:

  • Why younger women are struggling

  • Save $$$ on pillows, sheets, and more

  • How millionaires sleep (or, actually, don’t sleep)

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Huge Bedding and Sleep Accessory Sales Going on Now

Mattresses aren’t the only items getting big discounts this holiday weekend. Your search for an affordable new pillow, weighted blanket, or set of sheets stops here.

If you could make a million dollars by giving up good sleep forever, would you do it?

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Does Sleeping Less Actually Make You More Successful? Some Millionaires Say Yes

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Martha Stewart, Elon Musk — some very wealthy people do seem to get by on less sleep. On the other extreme, Lebron James claims he gets 12 hours of sleep per day. If you’re wondering whether some people can truly survive on four hours of sleep a night, same. So we asked the experts if a “short sleeper gene” really exists.