😴 Do Adrenal Cocktails Really Work?

They’re the new “it” thing on TikTok, but...

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In today’s edition:

  • The adrenal cocktail trend

  • What is a caffeine nap? You asked; Dr. Harris answered.

  • Light and breathable sheets…aaaahhh

  • Mercury retrograde and bad sleep

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What Are These Adrenal Fatigue Cocktails Promising to Boost Energy?

They’re the new “it” thing on TikTok, but the hefty claims around busting fatigue deserve skepticism.

Read more about Dr. Shelby Harris.

FEATURED SLEEP PRODUCT EXPERT: Dr. Shelby Harris, Sleepopolis’ Director of Sleep Health

Dr. Harris is a licensed clinical psychologist who is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM) by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

We asked you to vote on a question you’d like answered, and 47% of you picked:

☕What is a caffeine nap (AKA a ‘coffee nap’ or a ‘napuccino’)?

Maybe you’ve reached for a cup of coffee or a soda to beat an afternoon slump. Or maybe you’ve taken a catnap to help you power through the afternoon. But have you ever considered doing both? Combining caffeine and a nap can make each more effective.

Caffeine nap supporters usually drink coffee just before taking a brief nap — about 15 to 20 minutes long. A short nap like this is long enough to alleviate sleepiness without increasing grogginess upon awakening, because you wake up before entering N3 sleep, i.e., the deepest stage of sleep. If your caffeine window is still open, meaning you’re at least six hours (or even eight hours for many people!) away from bedtime, and you’ve got a few minutes for a snooze, a caffeine nap might be the key to afternoon alertness.

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Your Future Self Is Begging You to Switch to Bamboo Sheets

Summer might be months away, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the last second to switch to sheets that feel super airy and light (and help with temperature regulation).

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We Blame Mercury Retrograde for Everything — How About Bad Sleep?

Mercury retrograde begins April 1, and you’ll hear it everywhere: That miscommunication at work? Blame Mercury retrograde. Your ex slipping into your DMs? Mercury retrograde. Restless sleep? Mercury retrograde. Wait. Really?

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