😴 How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need?

Plus, weight-loss drugs and sleep apnea

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  • Weight-loss drugs impacting sleep apnea

  • Yoga’s surprising benefits for women

  • Tips for more deep sleep

  • Experts weigh in on PJ washing

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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Sleep

You might know that the REM sleep stage is when most dreaming occurs, but you probably don’t know allllll the things that deep sleep does for our bodies. That’s right: REM sleep and deep sleep are not the same.

Read more about how often experts say you should wash your pajamas.

So…How Often Should You Change or Wash Your Pajamas?

When we asked in the April 16, 2024, newsletter how often you change your PJs, 44% of you said “every few days.” (A couple of you do more laundry than the rest, opting for new pajamas “daily.”)

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