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😴 2 Sleep Habits That Up Your Risk of Chronic Disease

Plus, testing for SIDS, allergy tips, and more

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  • Genetically testing for SIDS risk

  • Philips ban in the US

  • Study links sleep and chronic health conditions

  • Up for debate: PJ washing

Read more about how parents might be able to genetically test for SIDS risk.
Read more about Philips being forced to halt U.S. production due to safety issues.
Read more about intermittent fasting and sleep.

Read more about a popular kids' speaker being recalled.
Read more about phenotypes and what they have to do with sleep.

What Are the 4 Sleep Phenotypes — and How Can Yours Impact Your Long-Term Health?

Researchers analyzed the sleep habits and chronic health conditions of thousands of participants and found that, out of the four groups identified, two had a 72%–188% increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Read more about tips to help you sleep better with allergies.
Read more about the Puffy Cloud mattress.

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