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😴 1 Bed-Making Hack for Better Sleep

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In today’s edition:

  • A new tool to help parents avoid SIDS

  • Cooling sheets our tester couldn’t stop raving about

  • Now on the podcast: sleep apnea in women

  • One bed-making tweak for endless nights of great sleep

Read more about a new tool that creates a sleep plan for babies that avoids SIDS.

This Tool Personally Creates a Sleep Plan for Your Baby That Avoids SIDS

Developed by the University of Bristol, the tool helps parents navigate confusing and contradictory baby sleep advice from family, friends, and the media.

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Read more about the Puffy bamboo sheets.

Our Tester Could Not Stop Raving About How Cool and Airy These Sheets Felt

Hot sleepers, listen up: Bamboo sheets are where it’s at. The fibers are great at regulating temperature, and they’re moisture-wicking, so if you sweat, these sheets won’t soak it up around you and leave you feeling damp.

Listen to a podcast episode about women and sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea, Women, and a Lag in Diagnoses

In this episode, Dr. Shelby Harris talks with Emma Cooksey, who was diagnosed with sleep apnea after falling asleep at the wheel with her baby in the backseat and now has her own podcast to help other women.

Learn more about the Scandinavian sleep method.

How One Bed-Making Tweak Can Lead to Endless Peaceful Nights

Sleep divorces are becoming increasingly popular, but there may be an easier way to save your sleep and your relationship: the Scandinavian sleep method.

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